Project: Big File Transfer

Posted on 28 February, 2018
Tags: movor
Large file transfer will never be the same. We're building neat website for easiest file transfer possible.

Want to share some files with your friends, but you do not have time for registration, and you don't want to allow any kind of limitations (that could be overridden by paying), than this app will be tailored by your needs.

Whether using this kind of service often or not, best possible scenario is the simplest one.

There is a lot of solutions out there, but the plan is to concentrate on what is most important: transporting files from one computer to another over the Internet. With this plan in mind way we can preserve simplicity and easy of use.

Project Details

Project plan is to offer you responsive, reliable, easy to use, intuitive and accountless file-sharing web application that allows you to share files up to one gigabyte for thirty days. Why one gigabyte, simply because after little of research we found out that in around 90% of situations people are sharing files up to one gig.

In order to create this SPA (single page application) we are using:

  • Technologies: PHP, Laravel, Vue.js, Vuex, Bootstrap
  • Services : Bitbucket, Slack, Trello, DigitalOcean


We are trying to better understand ad revenue built around the concept of non-intrusive ads (that are light on system resources), as well as their physics in the world of Internet marketing. In the meantime, we'll further develop our skills and sense for web applications by using latest (but fully tested) software and technologies.

While creating this app we are trying to build fully functional web application from scratch, using methodologies that are present and utilized by modern software development teams aka agile development practices.

If you have any suggestion, feel free to contact us.

Also we're not sure about a name yet, so if you have any suggestion, please write it the comments below.