Hello World!

Posted on 06 March, 2018
Tags: movor
This is our very first blog post, so let us introduce ourselves. Find out what our goal is and what are we planning to do. You'll like it!

Team & Philosophy

Currently we are small team of five people dedicated to their dreams. We starting small, with few easier projects to warm up as a team and learn from each other.

We are absolutely sure that knowledge of modern technologies, positive company atmosphere and organization are the key to success.

Main characteristics of all our applications are:

  • maintainability
  • extensibility
  • security
  • great user experience

For all of above, we have enough knowledge and confidence.


Up until now, we've started working on the few projects, but currently released are:

Cryptocus mining calculator


Web Servers

All of our servers are hosted at DigitalOcean and supported by Ubuntu 16.04.


Backend of all our applications is written in PHP using Laravel framework. There is lots of experience in this area behind us.

For the admin panel we're using Laravel Backpack.


Frontend logic is mostly written in Javascript using Vue.js framework. We just started learning, but we are already in love with it.

Beside logic, there is Bootstrap framework that is taking care of everything we imagine, with little overrides an tweaks.


We're using Git for all of our project repositories via Bitbucket, and for open source solution we'll be using our Github account.

Project management

Slack, Bitbucket and Trello are utilized nicely, to allow us hassle free project management and tracking.

Stay tuned, @_movor