About Us

We're young startup made of individuals dedicated to things we love. One of those things is web platform and technologies that surrounds it. We posses different set of skills, like frontend and backend development, web and UI design, project management, know alot about web servers and security.

In the next period we're on few of our own interesting projects as well as some outsourcing ones. Through this period we plan to learn even more about web platform, web programming, security and web marketing. Main goal is to learn and gather enough insights to build faster, more reliable, more secure, and generally better web apps.

Movor Team:

Vladimir Ković

Senior Full Stack Web Developer

Co-Founder, Team Lead

Passionate programmer for 10 years. Pragmatic developer with a lot of experience in web development, web servers and security. Loves modern frameworks and approaches.

Primary technologies: PHP Laravel Javascript Mysql

Familiar technologies: Agile Vue.js Linux Web Servers Web Security Web Design

Hobby: Mechanics

Nikola Živković


Co-Founder, Project Manager

PC Hardware enthusiast. Lately interested in cryptocurrencies and crypto mining. Scrum master. Owner of Baito, local PC hardware retail store. Great sense for business.

Primary technologies: Agile Project Management

Familiar technologies: SEO

Hobby: Football

Filip Lekić

Full Stack Web Developer

Web Developer

Experienced API developer. Fascinated with Javascript and functional programming. Passionate about cutting edge development technologies.

Primary technologies: PHP Javascript

Familiar technologies: Vue.js Linux Python C Lisp Microcontrollers

Hobby: Noodles, Anime, Languages

Anastasija Stanković


Web & UI Designer

Master Of Applied Arts degree. Love to sketch and create interesting art with different approaches and materials. Excellent eye for details.

Primary technologies: Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop

Familiar technologies: Corel Draw Bootstrap HTML CSS

Hobby: Coffee, Cooking

Jovan Kićanović

Junior Web Developer

Web Developer

Focused on learning as much as possible about programming. Always ready for new puzzles to solve, and ways to improve the methods for solving them.

Primary technologies: PHP Html Css

Familiar technologies: Laravel Javascript Linux Bootstrap Web Design

Hobby: Games, Anime, Music