Hello from
Movor team!

We're young startup made of individuals dedicated to things we love. One of those things is web platform and technologies that surrounds it. We posses different set of skills, like frontend and backend development, web and UI design, project management, know alot about web servers and security. You can find more about us on "About" page.

If you either have a project for us or wanna ask a question, don't hesitate contact us any time using "Contact" page.

Latest Projects


Congress organizer

Outsourcing project that'll help our partner manage multiple congresses they organize. Specific request was that this should be "Progressive Web App" so it made the project both challenging and interesting.

PWA Laravel Vue.js


Crypto mining profitability calculator

Easy to use mining calculator for Ethereum, Bitcoin, Zcash, Musicoin, Elaism, Ubiq, Electroneum, Monero and many more coins ...

Laravel Vue.js Bootstrap

Movor Website

This very web site

Our website that we're proud of. Fully customly made absolutely from scratch. It's pretty optimized, SEO organized and has a lot of good programming practices under the hood. It helps us present ourselves as well as learn new stuff. We hope that you like it.

Laravel Vue.js Bootstrap
Latest Github Projects

Beside working on active in-house, outsourcing and github projects we dedicated little time to share knowledge about PHP, Laravel, Javascript, Vue.js, Git, Linux, Bitbucket, Trello, Bootstrap and even more through our blog posts.

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